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Nottingham Car Window Tinting Company provides the highest quality products that ensure the best possible tint installation on your vehicle. We focus on superior customer service each appointment begins with a 10-15 minute pre-install consultation, where we find out exactly what you are looking for and then provide you with the best possible tint for your vehicle.

In our industry, image is everything & at Nottingham Car Window Tinting Company, you can count on us to uphold the highest possible standards. Those who expect a higher level of service will look no further than Nottingham Car Window Tinting Company for all of their auto glass tinting needs.


We are so confident in our product and level of service that all our premium grade tints come with a lifetime guarantee.


From the outset, we have always aimed to distinguish ourselves from other Nottingham based window tinting services. We know you're probably planning on holding onto your vehicle for a while. So let's take the time to do something with your car that is truly outstanding. The extra attention we give to our clients truly does go the extra mile. The top priority we care about is giving you a window tint job that you can be absolutely proud of.

We have experience with almost every vehicle on the road. It’s no surprise why our professionals are highly regarded by their peers. We are proud to say that our referral client rate from window tinting in Nottingham is among the highest around.


We use Nottingham Tints for all our window tinting on new vehicles. They provide a prompt, thorough service and we have never had any complaints, which is important to our company, highly recommendable.

Karen - BMW.

Nottingham Window Tinting work to a very high standard, we use them for all our top specification vehicles. They consistently deliver an impressive service and we would recommend their careful, professional work to anyone.

Lexus Nottingham

I'm really impressed with my newly tinted windows. I was a little apprehensive but they gave me some great advice and showed me samples before hand. The attention to detail was superb. Even had a one week inspection to check everything was in order and there were no issues. If you want a proper job, mytints.com come highly recommended by me. Thanks!

Dave - Mansfield.


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Do you guarantee your work?

All of our automotive and residential installations come with a lifetime guarantee. All commercial installations come with a 12 year guarantee, both backed by the film manufacturer.

Can I open my windows immediately after the installation?

To allow the film to dry and fully bond to your windows, you need to ensure you do not roll down your windows for 48 hours after we install the film. This is also a condition of the guarantee.

How do I clean my tinted windows?

Just as you would any other window. As long as the substance you are using doesn’t contain ammonia, and the cloth you are using isn’t at all abrasive.

Do I have to clean my windows before installation?

No, but we do need to no if your windows have been previously tinted, or if you have previously attempted to tint them yourself. As this can leave transparent remnants of glue which take time to remove. Quoted prices do not include the removal of previously tinted windows.

What precautions do I need to take to ensure my film stays looking as good as I did when first installed?

Treat them as you would the paint work on your car. Don’t take anything sharp or abrasive to them. Also, be careful not let your seatbelt hit your window when you take it off as this can take chips out of your film.

How does the law restrict the installation of window film in cars?

See our legal guidelines for more information on limitations.

Does the film affect the rear windows defroster lines?

No, they are unaffected by window film.

Can I tint my windscreen?

No, apart from special cases for people with medical exemptions. Although we can install a sun strip which really helps deal with glare, especially when the sun is low in the winter months.

I have seen cars with tinted windows before that have bubbles and creases on them, will this happen to my windows?

No, your windows will look perfect and our warranty guarantees this.

Can the film be removed so that it leaves no trace of them being tinted?

Yes, when removed by us the film will leave no residue. This is great for people with hire cars and company cars who need to return them un-tinted.

How long will it take to tint my windows?

Most cars will take anywhere between 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the car and how many windows there are.

Does window film block the suns UV rays?

Yes, all of our window films block 99% of harmful UV rays. This will help stop fading to upholstery and protect you and your loved ones.

I have heard that window films affects radio signal and GPS, is this true?

Certain films can affect the performance of your radio and GPS. The film we use will not affect these in anyway.

I’ve got a cheaper quote from somewhere else.

There are many ‘companies’ that offer budget window tinting at a price that seems too good to be true. These ‘companies’ come and go, have no professional training, use cheap films and offer no support when there installation peels and bubbles. All the time we are rectifying these poor quality installations, having to remove the film and re-tint it properly. The ‘£99 any car tint job’ now becomes far more expensive than if they have had it done properly in the first place. So before you let some cowboy loose on your pride and joy, consider the consequences. You will be much better off investing that little bit of extra money into professionals, where you will receive a perfect installation and a guarantee that you can rely on.


Our address: 10 Hartley Court, Nottingham NG7 5AN. [Off Hartley Road].

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